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  • Although hearing loss is not limited to the elderly, the main cause of hearing loss is due to aging, which is gradual and may go unnoticed for many years.
  • 1 in 10 Canadians suffer from some hearing loss.
  • 1 in 3 Canadians over the age of 65 are affected by enough hearing loss to interfere with everyday communication.
  • With unmanaged hearing loss, older adults may become stressed, withdrawn, socially isolated and depressed. There is evidence to suggest that untreated hearing loss may lead to risk of cognitive decline, developing dementia and may lead to a greater risk of falls.
  • 70 % of people who have tinnitus, also have some hearing loss. What to expect at your appointment
  • After getting some background information, and information about your specific areas of difficulty with hearing, we will take a look in your ears, then complete a thorough hearing test.
  • A hearing test will check your ability to hear frequencies that are important for hearing and understanding speech. We will also check your speech understanding ability in both quiet and in background noise.
  • Testing will determine if you have a conductive hearing loss (common causes are wax buildup, a hole in the eardrum, fluid or pressure in the middle ear), or a sensorineural hearing loss ( examples are due to aging, noise exposure viral and bacterial infections, heredity and trauma). Some people have a mixed hearing loss.
  • Results are shared and explained in a way that you will understand. If you have a hearing loss, your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist will help you choose hearing aids in the style, technology level and budget to best suit your needs, lifestyle and budget.
  • There is a solution for everyone. Hearing aids are not recommended until you, or your family member, is ready and willing to try them.

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