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Our Mission is to become the first choice in hearing healthcare for residents of St. Catharines/Niagara.

We offer a complete range of audiological services with a focus on aural rehabilitation. To achieve the best results for our patients/clients we draw on our professional experience to recommend the highest performance hearing systems and the skill to ensure our treatment goals are realized.

Each individual’s hearing loss is unique. We are proud to be a privately owned clinic and can offer the compassionate, affordable and personalized care that retail chains cannot. Our ties within the community enable us to create a culture of integrity and provide additional value to our patients.

Sound Hearing Care Niagara uses state of the art diagnostic equipment and maintains the highest standard of care. Participation in Continuing Education and integration within the Niagara medical community is an integral part of our success. We know hearing is an important part of one’s healthcare and we work as part of our patient’s healthcare team to provide a superior program of care.

Our service begins with our first encounter with you, and does not end with the purchase and fitting of hearing aids. We understand that coming to terms with hearing loss and seeking help can be overwhelming.That is why ongoing and compassionate patient care is our priority. As a family owned business, we value loyalty, friendliness and strive to always exceed your expectations




Cathy Heikurinen, Audiologist

After obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree, from the University of Toronto, Cathy graduated from the State University of New York in 1982, with a Masters degree in Audiology.
Cathy is registered with the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario

Cathy has a broad and varied knowledge base as she has worked in multiple types of clinical settings including Hospitals, ENT offices, private clinics and franchised clinics. Her past experiences include complete diagnostic and rehabilitative Audiologly services for infant to adult populations. She continues to grow as an Audiologist, keeping up with changing hearing aid technology, and has participated in focus groups for major hearing aid manufacturers.

This extensive experience enables Cathy to find the right solution for each and every individual. Her key to success is to listen to the client and meet their individual needs. She always welcomes family and friend support!

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jessie campbell

Jessie Campbell, Hearing Instrument Practitioner

Jessie began her career in audiology in 2003 working for Stefan Fridriksson AuD. At The Balance and Hearing Centre on Ontario Street, St. Catharines. In 2009 she graduated from the Hearing Instrument Practitioner program at Grant McEwan University, receiving her H.I.S. designation in 2010.

Throughout her career, Jessie has kept the patient as her focus with aural rehabilitation the cornerstone of care. As technology evolved, hearing aids enabled those with hearing loss to communicate without the barriers there once were. The key to success was in specialized care and education. Time spent in obtaining accuracy in audiometry, optimal hearing aid fitting and intuitive follow up care, the better the outcome.

Jessie’s years of experience assisting clients with hearing loss and their families has enabled her to form many warm, trusting relationships that fortunately continue to this day. As her skill developed through the years, Jessie has grown professionally and now is pleased to share an independent private professional practice clinic with her partner Cathy Heikurinen.

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